Representing California's Workers


Legal support for California's employees.

Areas of Practice



Employment Agreements. Independent Contractor Agreements. Non-Solicitation Agreements. Trade Secret Agreements. Mandatory Arbitration Policies. Severance Agreements. 


Termination. Demotion. Loss of pay. Denial of training. Transfer. Unfavorable Reference. Negative Evaluation. Burdensome Workload. Administrative Leave. Decreased Job Responsibilities. Suspension. Failure to Hire. Layoff. Threats. Reassignment. 

leave of ABSENCE 

Pregnancy. Bonding. Medical. Family Medical. Disability. Military. Jury Duty. Testimony. Domestic Violence. Crime Victims. School Visits. Volunteer Rescue. Rehab. Voting. Literacy. Paid Sick Leave. Organ and Bone Marrow Donation.

wage theft

Minimum Wage. Overtime. Report Time Pay. Meal Breaks. Rest Periods. Expense Reimbursement. Tip Misappropriation. Commissions. Piece Rate. Misclassification as Independent Contractor. Misclassification as exempt-salaried employee. 


Severe or Pervasive. 

other issues

Defamation. Invasion of Privacy. Emotional Distress. Fraud. Misrepresentation. Assault. 


Race. Religious creed.  Color. National Origin. Ancestry. Physical Disability. Mental Disability. Medical Condition. Genetic Information. Marital Status. Sex. Gender.  Gender Identity. Gender Expression. Age. Sexual Orientation. Military and Veteran Status. 


Illegal. Unethical. Against Public Policy. 

types of representation

Consulting. Advice. Drafting. Negotiation. Individual Litigation. Representative Actions. Class Actions.